Thursday, 5 March 2020

Where is your focus today?

We tend to live in a world of 'I wants...' in fact we are encouraged to develop our 'wants'. We want a certain car, a certain home, a certain dress. The list goes on ad infinitium. Our thoughts can revolve around wants such as technology wants, travel wants, food wants... It is of course natural. The otherside of our wants is what does God want? Can we trust Him with our wants and give us what we truly need?

So in the morning I'm trying to refocus.

God please let me have the courage to see the truth and deal with it in a Godly manner
Please help me to trust in you completely
Please let me dwell in your everlasting peace
Thank you Lord for all I have in you
Please let me live in courage and not fear
Gratitude and not need
Let me not exchange my value in you with the worlds fleeting temptations
Let me set my heart on Eternity and your eternal rest rather than anything the world can offer
Let me be truthful in my way of living and trust that you will give me and my family our every need
Thank you Lord

The key word is Coronovirus. It is really a fear virus. Is it real? I'm not sure what is real and what is not in the media these days. Everything seems to be pushing a certain agenda. The question is what does it make you feel like when you see pictures of people with masks, people filling up their shopping trolleys with essentials... you feel it! You can laugh it off. My friends have but I know they feel it too. They say it is political flexing, it game play. Well, this gameplay feels real enough. What is important when these global events are happenning and there is nothing that your opinion does? Well, besides making jokes and shrugging it off, we must Trust in Him more than ever! We must stick to our values, not be overtaken with fear values. We must put God first, we must be good witnesses. We must share and be generous and kind and courteous. Not get stressed.

When things like this happen we remember what we have. We do not value what we have so much as when we are scared of losing it. My feeling now is to hide in a cave until this is all over. Truly! This is so epidemic. Schools in Japan have closed. I feel the fear of all the children huddled at home not able to go out and play with their friends and have fun and be children. The poor parents who need to meet the expectations of being a good parent but are living in their own hell hole of fear and uncertainty. It is up to the leaders to show good leadership and not feed into this fear but show strength and courage and moral leadership. What can we do when we can not trust our flesh and blood leaders? No, not turn to robots! We must trust the one who created us who loves us unconditionally who did not create us for us to be swollowed up by fear.

I hope this post helped someone today. It helped me by writing it.

If you have not turned to Him please consider his grace and his gift for you. He sent his only son to die for your sins so that you can rest in his eternal and immutable peace so that you can have eternal and immutable joy. The sorrows of this world will be washed away and his great truth will live forever on. Please consider partaking of this great gift that no man can ever match.

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