Monday, 27 June 2016

How to be disillusioned

There is nothing as painful as realising that what you thought was true and taken for granted is simply not so. To have the rug pulled out from under you so to speak. Learning about ourselves and others can be a truly painful process. The modern way is tolerance of all things, avoiding offence of anyone. No one can speak their mind without the risk of being called into line for hate speech or being intolerant. Well, why can't I say how I do not understand how things can be so. How things are not logical. I just have to pretend that it is all okay and that nothing of consequence is happening.

It is interesting to look back through history and see how people's views on morality and justice have changed. It is interesting to note that in every time period people thought they were the most enlightened and yet when we look back on the current day as it falls into history will we think the same? The wording and context of evils changes so as to obscure what is truly happening. Take abortion for example. In another time and another culture children were ritually sacrificed to pagan gods. Would we think that is a good idea now? Would we reel in horror? I think these days we are very visual with media and internet at our disposal. The thing is I can imagine this ritual sacrifice happened every day and people kind of ignored it because it happened many miles from where they were living and didn't affect their community at that particular time. People often have short memories of things far away. I suppose then when it did come to their village they would use euphemisms to justify the sacrifice as 'I'm sure we'll see a good new Spring crop' People just saw children as something like things that are grown and can be discarded. An individual life had no special significance. It would be easy for us to think like this again if the culture was steered this way. So what do we do today? Well in America half a million babies are murdered every year with no legal consequence. Because it is done before birth, before they are legally human. Most people are easily swayed by trusting on their dominant culture and people in special positions of influence. It is difficult to go against the ongoing tide. We need to be modern and up to date otherwise we are of little value or worth. Well this is why I stand on the Bible, because God's word does not change. Individual people matter, each is sacred to God, no matter their intelligence, their productive worth to society. Each person is created by God and is divinely appointed to be here. We are not to make decisions on God's behalf on who should live and who should die based on utilitarian principles on ability to look after the baby after it is born or the fact that it might be completely unwanted. For this it is difficult for the prospective mother however with love, children can be given a second chance in another family. God is loving, he does not desire his judgement fall on any of His people. How do we know this? Because through him was Jesus born, the most loving person on earth. Loving because he brought the truth to everyone in the most loving way possible, through healing and deliverance. He spoke to both men and women, he didn't discriminate. He loved everyone however he also expected purity and holiness. He does not take us as we are but loves us to repentance.

What about marriage? In another generation it was taken for granted that marriage was for life. Marriage is a an indissolvable union. Before this personally affected me, I would admittedly pray for marriages that were in their third round of partnership. Now I know different, this is living adultery. There is nothing sacred about such a union! This is not marriage at all! In this modern times we 'tolerate' this. We say well why should one be unhappy in a union which does not suit us anymore? People change, people move on. But God does not. His word stands clear. Can you see how much destruction has been caused to the family unit from easy divorces? A man or woman can easily say goodbye with little thought of the consequences on the children. Many justifications can be given, would their children want their parents to be happy? Live without conflict? Well the truth is that a family needs both the mother and father to be present. Even if not completely involved in all aspects of family life. I have witnessed families breaking apart and I truly cannot understand why. I have heard excuses such as that they no longer understand the person, they no longer get along or communicate and I think this is weak. People come into marriage as damaged people, or even slightly broken, the real work begins years into the marriage where they are there because of the commitment rather then feelings of love and affection as these have diminished especially with the addition of children and pets and responsibilities outside the family home.

It is not for us or myself to judge on people who leave, they have their reasons, if deep in their heart they know they did the wrong thing then I hope they seek repentance and seek return of their spouse. In saying that, I believe that if one should leave for reasons of safety than one should remain single and not hold someone else in the wings whose arms are warm to fall into if the relationship falters. This of course is immoral wicked behaviour. One should always hold oneself accountable to God which means staying single and unmarried for the period of separation. For myself, this season has been one of self-reflection but I have looked to God and He has not failed. He has been good. I am not seeking another partner. I also wish my children to follow my lead in their future relationships. That we don't give up but also choose Godly partners who will support them through thick and thin, in good times and difficult times.

I think how can I live without someone to support me, to be my ballast and my rock however God has been there for me. And even though I would like such a person in flesh, sometimes that is not Gods will for us. We can choose fear or we can choose God. God is my unfailing supply in times of need, if we know God is full of love and will be with us through all storms that may come than why should we desire more? God knows our hearts and when we pray we show our faith in Gods will for us, that He is indeed a personal loving God, in prayer we are showing our thanks to Him, for what good is it if we are given presents that we did not ask for? How much more sweet when we are given our hearts desire we have asked our loving Father for? How few people I know think the way I do, and yet there are some unfailing souls. To know right from wrong and yet not hold people in judgement but in compassion and unfailing love, but to be uncompromising in one's values and morals, to hold God in highest esteem above all hierarchies and superstructures.