Thursday, 5 September 2013

What if everything is really okay?

We spend our lives so consumed by anxiety about what could happen or how you would deal with such a such scenario. What if everything is okay. I mean really okay because Jesus lives and God is captain of the ship. Imagine being a baby in a car. The driver takes this turn and that turn. The baby sleeps. A bus honks it horn, another car takes our spot in traffic but still the baby sleeps. I'm not saying that we should go through life asleep. But the baby knows Mum is in charge and Mum knows how to drive a car. Nothing disturbs that baby. The baby does not think 'Oh no that bus is coming too close or Oh no that car is being rude what if the driver gets out and yells something...'

This thought just popped into my head because I'm always worried. But really fear is just another idol. We consume ourselves with fear and anxiety rather then God.

Here's another thought 'What if God really knows what we would like and what's best for us?'

What is holding us back from giving our lives fully to God? My main thought goes like this 'If I were to listen totally to God I wouldn't be able to do the things I want to do. I might have to do things I don't like and not do all the things I want to complete.'

What if God has a plan for you that is so much better than what you could ever imagine that you are actually holding yourself back from your full 'God-potential' by rebelling against Him in everything? Thinking that you know what is right for you is a form of pride. Plain and simple. We are such prideful creatures. Pride is insidious because it is so well hidden by performing so well in all aspects that society holds important. Such as good schooling, good looks, good clothes, good deportment. Basically making ourselves magazine perfect. But God doesn't care about those things. Those things let us conform to our community better and give us better status so that people perhaps listen to us more and take us more seriously however, these things will not bring us closer to God.

Looking to God for answers.

Sometimes we look everywhere but to God for answers. We look to astrology, psychics, mediums... all sorts of abominations in the eyes of the Lord. If you have been doing this please ask for forgiveness, I have been guilty too. We forget however, to look for Him who no answer is too small or big. He knows everything. If something is troubling you, there is some mystery in your life that remains unsolved or even there is something you have lost, before you consult dubious people, please ask God first. He will tell you when the time is right. If there is trouble in your relationship with someone. Ask God to give you peace about it and to repair it or to provide you with insight so that you can come to peace within yourself.

God loves you and wants the best for you. God is the only way. Life is meaningless without God and eternity of being. God can guide you but you must listen. Lets see if we can take the leap of faith and start listening to God and less to ourselves.