Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Politics of God

We're coming up to a Federal Election in Australia and I just had a thought... if both our main contenders are Christian then why is there even a competition? They should be gracious to each other. Everyone wins if God wins. If they both truly follow God then there is nothing to choose from however of course it is not that simple. First... are they both Jesus lovers?... will they say out loud in front of all the world to hear and see that they love Jesus and say that Jesus is their master and saviour. I think not. This saddens me. Are they Christian just for the Christian voters but play it down when they try and get other religions and atheists to vote for them?

God is our only leader. No-one else. This fact should give us absolute peace and certainty in the future. If God exists now and forever what is there to fear? Only satan's deception. Satan cannot harm us if we do not give him our obedience - if we resist his lies and temptations.

Give our vote for God everyday and then politics doesn't matter.

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