Monday, 4 April 2011

Taking the hard road

Our life is but a vapour but we pursue comfort and easy living but in a thousand years will it matter how comfortable your life was? I find this really hard to think of. I mean it's not to say that comfort is bad it's just to say it should not be pursued in it's own right. We are to pursue Jesus not other things - mere distractions to Him. It's not about having less or living more simply for it's own sake and more about focusing on what's important.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Heavenly Castle

Pretend you might that you can know
the fulfilment of His Glory
Pretend you might that you might know
the true wonderment of His majesty
But none can pretend to be closer to Him or higher than others who are also of his creation
For to Him we are but clay castings
And without Him we are doomed.

So build you earthly castles here and now
Build your dreams your desires too
Construct with stone and surround with moat
Make them splendid and admirable
So that you may be known for your greatness.

But our earthly visions are sunk from the very start
For tainted by sin we cannot grasp
Until Eternity's blast
That goodness is beyond us

For until we realise that Christ has built for us a throne
We can but wait till Heaven's castle is our own.

by Sophie K